they say Ciara is cheating on boyfriend Russell with ex, Future

According to, Ciara may be creeping with boyfriend Russell Wilson with ex, Future
A little birdie whispered in my ear that pseudo-singer Ciara has been creeping with her baby daddy, rapper Future since September. My source whispered that the 2 lovebirds are hooking up on the low in New York, LA, Las Vegas and Texas.
This tea is not confirmed, so sip with caution. If you repeat any part of this, please don’t say where you heard it. My source thinks Ciara’s boyfriend, Russell Wilson is a nice guy who deserves better.

Here is an excerpt from the email.
She so fake as hell.. Her best friend yoli Frederick is the go between these too and her team. Someone is going get hurt I guess Russell I gonna get hurt . this man loves Ciara and her baby to death. Future talk so much shit about her on the radio and magazines and back sleeping with him on low. Talking Russell her true love and love a first sight. She is mess. just a tip and have more information. I will keep to myself for now.