How to Send Bulk SMS for Christmas -

Here are five simple steps to send the smartest, most reliable and affordable Christmas greeting and promotions to family, friends, associates, customers, church members and well-wishers. Step1:

And you can send bulk SMS to contacts on your android phone or on the web following these instructions to get free units.
  1. Get started by clicking SIGN UP (1 min. One Step) Or download app here or here(BB10 OS)
  3. RECHARGE or buy bulk SMS online with your Debit card to buy any bulk sms packClick Bulk SMS in Nigeria for Online recharge for more.
  4. To pay in the BANK, follow the instructions here.
  5. Your account will be recharged or credited in minutes and you can start sending SMS for Christmas
There is no limit to our coverage, meaning you can send your messages to any family relative or friend across the world. Bulk SMS sent on works 24/7 to all GSM networks and CDMA networks.
Send Bulk SMS to contacts on your Smartphone, you can send bulk sms for Christmas with our App on Google Playstore or Blackberry OS10.
PS: Bulk SMS is the act of sending customized sms or text messages to a large volume of phone contacts or numbers, using a reliable and experienced SMS gateway. This bulk sms provider allows you to customize the sender name and send text messages to GSM networks and CDMA networks, irrespective of the volume of contacts. This sender’s name appears on the receiver’s phone. You can see Multitexter Bulk SMS prices and different packs for Bulk sms in Nigeria


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