''We don't wear condoms because you're allergic'' Watch how shocked Dads react after reading messages sent to their daughters from BFs

I bet most dads have good perceptions of their daughters until they go through the text messages on their phone. In a new video created by Elite Daily, a group of dads get a hold of their daughters' phones to peruse the messages they had sent to their boyfriends - and it's safe to assume that a few of the fathers walked away knowing their innocent girls aren't so innocent anymore.

The clip starts with one girl trying to reassure her father that's 'it's okay' after he read a text from her boyfriend that says: 'Anyway, did you ever take that pregnancy test?'

'I love this guy!' gushed one dad. 'He's just one of these people that, when you see him, you think: "There's some nice, clean energy."'

 However, after he scrolls through the young man's texts with his daughter, his enthusiasm quickly disappears. '"Carter, I had a great time last night..." What?' he says, screwing up his face and immediately causing his daughter to blush, giggle nervously and snatch the phone away before he says: 'Just let me ask a question.'

Another dad finds out his daughter and her boyfriend don't use condoms..Lol. Watch the interesting video below...