World oldest Website now 25yrs Old

The British Genius Tim Berners Lee unveiled a little thing called World Wide Web more than quarter century ago.
The internet is now more than 25 years old - but it has aged so well that it actually looks better than it did all those years ago.

Over the weekend, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) celebrated the launch of the world first website , which went online on December 20 1990.
The British scientist and tech wizard Sir Tim Berners-Lee launched the website on his NeXT computer, laying the groundwork for the connected society of the 21st century.

This page was little more than a dossier containing information about the software which powered the web, but it was arranged in a form which may be instantly familiar to many people.
He first conceived the idea in 1989, but put his thoughts into action the following year. 

World Wide Web in Old School

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