SUMMARY OF EARNINGS AND AWARDS IN MERIDIAN LIFE SUPPORT FOUNDATION (MELISFON) Registration is a one time fee of N4K only. (1) FEEDER 2 x 2 Forced Matrix • Sponsor/Referral Bonus of N800.00 • Total Payout of N1,600.00 • Matrix Bonus of N2,000.00 • Total Payout of N3,600.00 (2) BRONZE STAGE 2 x 3 Forced Matrix • Total Step Out Bonus of N28,000.00 • Matrix Bonus of N20,000.00 Total Payout of N48,000.00 • Awards ~ A brand new mini android phone (3) GOLD STAGE 2 x 3 Forced Matrix • Total Step Out Bonus of N70,000.00 • Matrix Bonus of N50,000.00 • Total Payout of N120,000.00 • Awards ~ A brand new Apple iPad or ~ A brand new Laptop ~ A brand new Tablet (4) DIAMOND STAGE 2 x 3 Forced Matrix • 

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Total Step Out Bonus of N84,000.00 • Matrix Bonus of N500,000.00 Awards • Total Payout of N584,000.00 ~ 7 days Exotic all expenses paid trip Dubai ~ Brand new Hyundai car worth N4million or ~ Cash equivalent of N4million (5) EXECUTIVE DIAMOND 2 x 3 Forced Matrix • Step Out Bonus of N280,000.00 • Matrix Bonus of N600,000.00 • Total Payout of N880,000.00 Awards ~ A brand new jeep worth N5 million or ~ Cash equivalent of N5million (6) INFINITY • N1 million will be paid into your account once team members joins you here. Meridians Life Support Foundation (MELISFON) ...dignity and respect to members. For More Info Call 08137380749if you need Need or have any problem registrating Whatz App me on 08146029183for more enlightment and to get register Join Now click here


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