Infertility and the biological clock of a woman

One of the most common reasons to a visit to the doctor these days among couple, especially women is infertility which is the inability to have children. An understanding of what causes infertility is the first step towards finding the right treatment to take.

Infertility is the inability to conceive despite one year of regular intercourse(without birth control). While there are many causes of infertility the ''Age" of a woman is one of the major factors affecting her fertility.

Fertility peaks in most women in there early 20's and gradually begins to decline in their mid to late 30's, 25% are infertile by age 40-45, pregnancy beyond age 50 and above is uncommon.

One would ask ''What Accounts For This Dramatic Increase In Infertility!!!

It is apparently a woman's biological clock which is the major reason for this huge increase in infertility in women. We could speculate about other causes such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), Low sperm count, poor motility rate, tubal obstruction, lesions in the uterine lining, fibroid, poor ovulation and late marriages. All of this contribute to inability to have children in couples, and all of those problems can be solved but the biggest problem for a 38 to 45 year old is simply her "Age"

"What Actually Determines The Fertility Rate"
YOUR OVARY and NOT YOU. The ovarian reserve i.e the number of follicles developing from hormonal stimulation is related to the total number of eggs in the woman's ovaries. Pregnancy rate depends upon the age of the woman and the number of eggs that are available in her ovaries.

 Every woman is born with all the eggs they are ever going to have, and they don't make any new eggs during their lifetime. Women are born with approximately two million eggs in their ovaries, but about eleven thousand of them die every month prior to puberty. As a teenage, a woman has only three hundred thousand to four hundred thousand remaining eggs and from that time on, approximately one thousand eggs are destined to die each month.

This phenomenon is completely independent of any hormone production, birth control pills and pregnancy. Nothing stops this inexorable death of approximately one thousand eggs every month, regardless of ovulation ovarian inhibition or stimulation.
Whenever the woman runs out of her supply of eggs, the ovaries ceases to make estrogen and she goes through menopause. So that is one of the major reasons why every woman needs to always act fast concerning her biological clock. Timing is very important for every couple aiming to have children.

 Natural medicine has been in use from ancient time to treat infertility both in men and women all over world. Herbs like Black cohosh, Dong Quai, Maca root, Mother wort, Mugwort, Vitex, Shatavari root, Tribulus, Ginseng and so many others have proven to do wonders in the areas of treating infertility. From their balancing of hormones to giving a good and painless menstrual flow as well as in the production of estrogen and boosting of ovulation. All these and much more are the wonders and potency behind the use of natural medicine.

So the question that will naturally come to the mind of every woman either married or unmarried is whether there's some way of slowing down the rate of emergence of eggs from the resting follicle pool into the antral state, Thus keeping her eggs quiescent, so that they will not undergo atresia and die.

You must support your egg health which you currently have right now despite your Age, married or unmarried or the number of eggs you have remaining in your ovarian reserve in order to experience motherhood.

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